Welcome to Duernstein at the heart of Wachau!

The Wachau – a wild romantic river valley is famous not only for its adorable landscape but also for its wines. Dürnstein as the best known place is a small and lovely village.
It is situated at the banks of the river Danube, which has formed expressive scenery, that has been achieved the approval as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
At the eastern periphery of Dürnstein, just a few steps from the vivid centre of the mediaeval village, amidst the vineyards of the world-famous Wachau, the vinery and bed and breakfast Stockingerhof can be found.

The winery offers a wide range of wine-specialties, a homely tavern as well as a comfortable bed and breakfast-inn*** in a peaceful location.

Wine-selling and the bed-and-breakfast-inn welcome guests all over the year. Pre-reservation is requested when paying a visit to the wonderful Wachau region.

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