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Peter Stockinger and his father are managing 4 hectares of vineyards. Rich full flavours with a slight aromatic, sometimes spicy touch are the typical signs of the Wachau white wines – and so are the wines of the Stockingerhof winery.
The Wachau is famous mainly for its white wines, among the grape varieties are some, that cannot be found somewhere else. One of them is the Grüner Veltliner, which, although of unknown origin, is the most commonly planted grape variety of Austria. Depending on “terroir” and age it produces a wonderful bright, distinctive wine, with spicy aroma and taste. It can be medium or full bodied as the “Federspiel” or “Smaragd”-wines show.
The grapes of the Stockingerhof are those of the most typical Austrian grape varieties, such as Grüner Veltliner (an Austrian specialty), Riesling, Muscat Blanc, Neuburger (also an Austrian specialty) on the white wine side, and “Blauer Zweigelt” und “Blauburger” as red wine grapes. As typical for Wachau wineries, white wines take an 80% rate of the overall wine production.
But not only the Stockingerhof´s white wines are of outstanding quality, even the red wine grapes, which are untypical for this region bring highest, award winning results. Stockingerhof´s Zweigelt (an Austrian breeding out of St.Laurent x Blaufränkisch, the “Blaufränkisch”, also known as “Lemberger”) is one of the traditional Austrian red wine grapes).

The high quality in wines brings a striking number of awards to Peter Stockinger each year. This was described as a “winemaker of passion” in a German magazine.



Continuous care of grapes and vineyards and a gentle handling in wine cellars, facilitated by the most modern technical equipment and a fundamental enological know-how of Stockinger Senior and Junior, permit to maturate exceptional wines every year.